Culture / Values

Link Tech values and fosters diversity.  Different thoughts, styles, perspectives, and background has proven to provide the company with rounded approaches that creates a competitive advantage.  We seek to attract a diverse, highly skilled, and motivated workforce to build a team that will be part of the growth of this company.  For us, it is about nurturing the richness of our diversity with an environment that encourage different ideas and thought processes that branches from different backgrounds and personalities. The individual characteristics that each team member brings is valued and viewed to be a force multiplier in helping us create and bring solutions to  tough problems for our customers, our company, and the world.  Come join a team that values:

  • Technical and professional excellence -  We not only build and lead a team of world-class professionals, but also we encourage our career growth and development
  • Ethics and Integrity -  We are committed to integrity and the highest ethical conduct. We view them as a defining foundation to the success of the company.
  • Importance of Individuals - We value the importance of what each person brings to the team.  We recognize and support your achievements, provide you with mentoring and networking opportunities, and create opportunities to share knowledge and best practices