Professional Services

Since its inception in 2000, Link Technologies has developed highly effective processes, protocols, and an organizational structure that efficiently and effectively meets the professional needs of our clients. Link Technologies' recruiting philosophy revolves around two key principles; qualification and job education.

Our in-depth process ensures that candidates are qualified for the respective position.  Our screening and interview process includes the following:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Behavioral based Interview Questions
  • Situational Questions
  • Communications Skills and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Technical Screening
  • Employment History
  • Education, Certifications and Specialized Training

In the area of job education, our recruiting philosophy revolves around educating each candidate on the requirements of the job and the client.  This is done to ensure that the candidate is prepared for the position and the work environment.  Link Technologies understands that preparation for the client's workplace environment is a key component to the successful placement of candidates as companies and departments have unique work environments and management styles.  As such, Link Technologies prepares each individual regarding the client's work environment so that they are ready to perform on day one.

Link Technologies maintains a pool of qualified candidates which are continually sourced by a variety of methods which may include print, radio, television and internet ads.  Our highly-trained staff also perform specialized internet searches and continually network with professionals in the targeted skills groups to build a solid base of qualified candidates.  Candidates that are identified as a solid match are put through our comprehensive interview process.  Only the best are selected and placed on a "hotlist" for current/future openings.  These prequalification efforts enable Link Technologies to provide our clients with superior candidates, a high level of screening and detailed references in the shortest timeframe possible.

Link Technologies also uses its internal database which contains over 100,000 resumes in addition to web-based databases that are known nationwide to job seekers as the leading job boards for Administrative, Procurement, Contracts, Engineering, Information Technology, and Technical Professionals in the commercial and government sectors.

Our Value-added Proposition
Link office personnel are ready at a moment’s notice to help you meet that urgent deadline or handle that special need for as long as it takes.

Link Technologies offers its customers a unique staffing product. We provide professional services on a non-commission basis; we work on either an hourly basis or on a firm fixed price basis. The response from our customers about this approach has been enthusiastic. We don’t cut corners; our services include writing and placing ads, designing interview sheets, face-to-face interviews (whenever possible) and travel when required to the candidates’ location. Our services can also include resume preparation, letters of commitment, and other contract specific requirements that you may require.

Cost Advantages: Because we deal in volume, we can offer candidates at a much lower cost per head than traditional recruiting companies. This is especially important when our customers are faced with staffing large projects requiring multiple disciplines in a short time period. When this occurs, we travel to the locations where the potential employees with the highest skill sets are most likely to be found. After screening and interviewing applicants, we are able to offer our customers some of the best qualified in specific fields.

Contract Phase-In: A successful Contract Phase-In sets the tone for the entire contract performance. We offer professional support to augment your Human Resources staff during the Contract Phase-In period and beyond when needed. In addition to normal phase-in activities, we can help support the development of the immediate deliverable products such as quality and safety plans, operating plans, and initial contract reports. We also specialize in staffing transition contracts where current government employees or military personnel are being replaced by contractor employees.

We offer a wide variety of contracting and payment methods tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Non-Commission Based Services
  • Task Order Specific
  • Hourly or Fixed Price Fee Arrangements
  • No Minimum Payments
  • Fixed Fee, Specialized Government Staffing
  • Contract Direct
  • Fee Based
  • Term Arrangements
  • Team Based Structures

Technical and Administrative Disciplines
Our Professional Services capabilities extend to a wide variety of technical and administrative disciplines that include the following:

  • Information Technology
  • Project Management and Control
  • Performance Assurance and Organizational Improvement
  • Business Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Human Resources and Organizational Change Management
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance