Quality Assurance

Link Technologies is committed to protecting the safety of the public, the environment, and workers by meeting and exceeding all contractual and regulatory requirements imposed by our Customers and Regulators, and through compliance with industry codes and quality assurance/quality control standards. 

Link Technologies’ policy is to promote self-identification and reporting of events requiring reporting under the Price-Anderson Amendment Act (PAAA). Link Technologies’ program for noncompliance identification and reporting accomplishes the following four basic functions:

  • Identification and Screening
  • Evaluation for Reportability
  • Cause Determination
  • Non-compliance/Corrective Action Closure

Link Technologies promotes a continuous improvement approach to safety, efficient maintenance activities, and facility operations to reduce recurrence of undesirable outcomes by applying the applicable lessons learned and best practices. Continuous improvement is also factored into Link Technologies’ programs and processes through periodic, routine revisions and upgrades to training programs and implementing procedures. Lessons learned are actively solicited, reviewed, communicated, and utilized. Managers at all levels are expected to tailor lessons learned programs to their particular work and hazards. Individuals are expected to express a commitment to the lessons learned approach by using information gathered from experiences. 

Stop work authority is extended to each employee in the event that a situation exists that is deemed as a potentially significant threat to the safety of the environment, the general public, or workers or if the final product quality is significantly in doubt.