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Employer Branding: Why Bother?

Top talent doesn’t typically Google “jobs in my area.” They don’t check Craigslist or the classifieds, or wait for the right recruitment ad to jump out and inspire action.

Top talent is passive, by and large, and if they are actively looking, they do so through their professional network: through the friends, former colleagues, and established recruiters they’ve come to trust.

Still, it pays to participate in employer branding, if only to have the right message ready for when people do come looking.

Let me give you an example:

Sarah is a Juniper Network Engineer. Sarah is happily employed, although bored with the day-to-day maintenance of her current network. What Sarah really wants is contract work, participating in the design and implementation of something new.

Link Technologies contacts Sarah about a 9-month contract opportunity at “Your Organization,” doing this exact thing.

What does Sarah do?

She Googles “Your Organization,” and reads through the first 5 – 10 results. And if your employer branding is on point, she chooses to trust you, and makes the leap to contract work.

We see this time and again, with candidates who’ll take an interview/job (or not) based on what they’ve read. That might not matter for the dime-a-dozen skillsets, but it’s critically important when capturing rare candidates.

Because even if top talent wasn’t Googling you before, you can be sure they’ll look you up after we’ve moved to the interview or offer stage. Your social media engagement, job site, articles, outreach and blogs will keep the interest of candidates, and help ensure new hires fit with the values you’ve communicated.

Are you having a hard time capturing top talent despite good branding? It might be time to get help from recruitment professionals. Link Technologies specializes in Information Technology, Project Management, Cyber Security, and Audit / Compliance, and we have the network of proven candidates with hard-to-find skillsets. Drop us a line and see how we can help you.